commitment to the environment


The vision of our company is to go green and invest in environmentally sustainable projects. All the companies are operating with valid NEMA licenses and we ensure that we are compliant with all the statutory requirements including Public Health licenses, OSHA certificates and requirements, Single Business Licences, Effluent Discharge License, etc.

The allied projects will ensure the company is fully environmentally sustainable both internally and externally as it will ensure zero waste.

  • The Company ensures that every year, it carries out an Annual Environmental Audit. The Audits are submitted to NEMA and the Authority follows up any issues it feels necessary to.
  • KSAIL has ensured all necessary Environmental Impact Assessments are carried out for its projects and NEMA licenses are procured before any new project is undertaken. The company has licenses for sugar milling, co-generation, pulp and paper production, and ethanol manufacturing.
  • The company also has various EIA licenses for boreholes which it has sunk. These boreholes also have Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) licenses which cover construction of abstraction works and use.
  • The company also carries out periodical water quality tests through reputable laboratories licensed by NEMA to perform the tests. These tests cover river water upstream of the factory, downstream of the factory and both raw and treated effluent. The effluent quality test results indicated that KSAIL is fully compliant with the NEMA standards for discharging effluent quality into the aquatic environment.